U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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Downing Collection



The Carroll J. Downing Collection hosts more than 40 photos and more. The CD with the original scans is available, along with our other collectibles. See the "How You Can Help" page for details.
     Photos all have handwritten names on them. We set them to text here for the purposes of the search engines... Doing the best we can. Names are matched against the ship's log when the ship originally sailed. If we find what looks like a match, we name the whole name.

On the fantail

Legend: CRADDOCK, Roy Thomas 


Pictures Comments
0 Downing Collection Home
1 Discharge Papers
040 Forecastle Chiefs

Manila in ruins

089 This is a Manila "bum boat".
102 Leyte Church...Inside
103 On the fantail...
104 On the fantail...
105 Leyte
106 Underway on fantail
107 Leyte
108 Leyte
109 On the fantail...
111 Leyte
112 Ferris, the mailman
453 Leyte
454 Leyte
455 Leyte
456 Leyte
457 Manila
458 THE Temptation Night Club! Manila
459 Manila
460 Leyte
461 Group Picture
462 Manila
463 On the fantail...
464 Manila
465 Manila
466 Manila
467 Leyte
468 Manila
469 Manila
470 Manila
471 Manila
472 Subic
473 Leyte
474 Quarterdeck
475 Manila
476 Manila
477 Fantail
622 Manila
623 Subic
674 Subic
675 Leyte

Remember, we don't know who will ask when or for what reason, but a CD of high resolution
photos of everything on this website is available. See the details on the How You Can Help page.

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