U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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Cohen Collection


Stanley H. Cohen RD2 was born in Philadelphia, PA. Like many boys (men) of his generation, he served his country in WWII. He served from March 1944 until May of 1946 and again from May 1951 until March 1952. Behind Stan, who was 17 at the time, but looks more like 14, is the medals the DE357 earned during her war cruise.
     Stan also served as one of the cornerstones of the reunion effort in the 80's and 90's culminating with what was possibly the best one for the original nucleus crew in Washington DC in 1999. Below, see the booklet that was produced after that reunion. It contains old as well as contemporary pictures (From all the Davis reunions) of the crew of the Mighty George E. Davis, DE357!    


Pictures Comments
Reunion Booklet spanning the cruise of the George E. Davis DE 357 from
11August 1944 until 26 August 1945 and the crew reunions through 1999.
Page one which includes the service record of Stan Cohen.
You can have a page like this recorded in the Navy Log at the Naval Heritage Center. See it at http://www.lonesailor.org/


Tribute to John R. Triplett.
Mr. Triplett was instrumental in gathering the crew of the Davis together after the war for our great annual reunions!
The history of the George E. Davis DE 357.


Bronze Medal citation to the ship's captain, Lt. Commander Frederick I. Lincoln.
War cruise map of the mighty George E. Davis DE 357. Please note that all pages presented here are oversized so you can see the detail better.
Ship's crew pictures. As always your are welcomed to help me identify shipmates in the pictures.
Ship's crew pictures.
Ship's crew pictures.
Ship's crew pictures.
Ship's crew pictures. Shellback Initiation.
Bottom right corner, EM2 Norman Edgar Morrison reluctantly extends voltage to an easily excitable RD2 Stan Cohen in this home made electric chair for the
pleasure of Good King Neptune.
Here, we begin the contemporary pictures of shipmates at their reunions, culminating with the1999 reunion in Washington DC. A memorial plaque was dedicated to ship Captain Fredrick I. Lincoln at U.S. Naval Historical Museum, Washington DC, October 9, 1999.
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
  Ship Reunion Pictures
Ship's Roster of Shipmates who were already departed for that shining harbor at the time of the 1999 reunion.
The Pictures

Stanley Cohen RdM2/C, Reunion Coordinator.
The pictures above are presented in "thumbnail" format. Click on a thumb to bring up the full size version. Use your back button to come back to this page. As always, if you can comment the pictures, let us know!

Remember, we don't know who will ask when or for what reason, but a CD of high resolution
photos of everything on this website is available. See the details on the How You Can Help page.

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