U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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Davis Collection


  On behalf of the extended family of George E. Davis, Jr., I wish to express our delight at having a website devoted to the USS George E. Davis. George was my uncle, though I never knew him. I did know his parents, George and Grace, who were loving grandparents. As of this writing, (January 2003) George's brother, my father, John Edward Davis, and the former Jane Hine Davis, George's widow (who later remarried) are both still living. Jane recently had a memorial brick placed at the new D-Day Museum in George's honor. The memory of my uncle, and the sacrifice he made for his country, are still revered in my family. I know that my grandparents, my father and my Aunt Jane were very proud of the USS George E. Davis. Her distinguished service for the U.S. Navy was a source of great comfort to them. The photos and other material which I have provided to this
website were handed down to me. I am delighted to have them preserved for all who have an
interest in DE 357, the USS George E. Davis.

-Robert H. Davis


Read more about the gallant U.S.S. Houston CA-30 . The death of Lt. Davis was only a foretaste of the coming peril for the Houston. She was sunk less than a month later on February 28th, 1942 in the early, desperate days of WWII.


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