U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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USS George E. Davis DE357 and Norman Edgar Morrison EM/2c Audio Memories!

Audio Memories of the George E. Davis DE-357
by EM/2c Norman Edgar Morrison

Presented on this page for your pleasure is a series of Audio Cuts from an "interview" with EM/2c Norman Edgar Morrison who served aboard the USS George E. Davis DE-357 from her launch in Orange, Texas in 1944 until after the war was over in 1945. The operational area was the Pacific Theatre.
     Morrison was already 28  when the Davis sailed, yet, he had never been away from his home
in Oxford, Alabama, so, his service was a force in shaping the rest of his life. Frankly, after the war, he never cared much for the ocean again. He said he had had enough. He turned down excellent
job opportunities so that he could stay close to home and family and work his own business.
     Morrison was an electrician by trade before the navy, and afterwards. He was a master electrician, and one of the best in the state. He had a gift and talent for it. He was also a master story teller and yarn spinner. His friends and customers were absolutely enthralled with his stories of the "olden" days...whether completely true or not.
     Thus, I can not testify to the complete historical accuracy contained in the Morrison Audio Cuts. I could testify that I know for a fact he embellished a bit, but after all, what you will hear below is a collection of sea tales, and a bit salty at that. It's not a History Channel quality production here, but  if you are interested hearing a first hand account of your navy in WWII, you will be thoroughly entertained. Nearly everything is true, even if at times he used the pronoun "we" as in the navy in general, rather than just the particular adventures of the George E. Davis. You will catch on.
          The audio is....atrocious. The interview took place in 1980 and the cassette tapes were already 22 years old when they were dubbed to digital. We begin with tape two. Tape one has succumbed to the ages. Tape two begins just after launch in Orange, Texas...
          You are hereby given permission to copy the files below for your personal collection. They are not to be used for commercial purposes without the consent of the family. Knock yourself out!
-Norman Morrison Jr. shipmate@de357.com


Audio Cut  Time  Size   Comments
Cut 1  1:29  176kb The action begins as the George E. Davis DE-357 leaves the Texas coast for points west.
Cut 2 3:32 415kb What is not covered is the shakedown cruise to Bermuda. Later, on the way out to the Galapagos Island... Also an interesting description of a tropical mosquito...the Gallinipper.  Click for picture.
Cut 3 1:06 129kb "Alabamer" sees palm trees for the first time.
Cut 4 3:29 409kb Headed for the Philippines and getting ready for action on the way.
Cut 5 5:47 678kb New Guinea, white sand, blue water. Entering enemy territory. 5"/38  gun description.
Cut 6 3:51 453kb Arrive in Leyte area, state of mind of shipmates, dropping depth charges, sonar problems, (Not stated here, later, they found a wadded up undershirt in the underwater sonar gear in dry dock.)
Cut 7 1:26 168kb Dropped anchor in Leyte, barges loaded with the dead.
Cut 8 3:05 362kb Leyte Gulf, subs, midget subs, sub nets, about a month or so out of Texas...
Cut 9 1:36 188kb More fun in the Pacific and general information.
Cut 10 1:49 214kb More on the 5"/38  gun, and electric on the ship.
Cut 11 1:12 142kb What it means to be a "Shipmate."
Cut 12 2:13 253kb Japanese tricks to lure DE's to doom . Torpedoes to aft and typhoons for'ard!
Cut 13 4:24 518kb The men are introduced to the "Mysteries" courtesy helpers of good king Neptune! The transformation of lowly pollywogs to fierce and proud Shellbacks! Visit our associated picture pages.... Click Here
Cut 14 3:22 395kb Alabamer goes shark fishing the DE way!
Cut 15 1:42 200kb The war is coming to an end. Scuttlebutt is that there is some kind of atomic bomb in the offing. War ends...
Cut 16 :23 44kb For Alabamer the war is over. He transfers to a transport and heads off to San Francisco, and then back to his family back home.
MP3 Audio    

All cuts are in MP3 format. Click a cut to download and hear it on your player!
My gratitude and thanks goes to
Jerry Randall of Jacksonville, Florida, a 20 year Navy man, for his assistance with this project and space on his server for this collection!

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