U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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Morrison Collection


Morrison Collection Audio News Broadcast from WWII!

Audio Newscasts From World War II

Aside from their piece of the war, the  last people to know the news was the valiant crew of the George E. Davis, DE-357.  What news they got came from crackly, fading shortwave broadcasts on their radio equipment. Often, by the time something interesting filtered down, it had already been subjected to the ravages of the dreaded scuttlebutt.
     Presented below is a selection of news broadcasts that the shipmates could have heard, as it covers the time span from the beginning of the war in Europe until just about the time they shipped out to the Pacific. While not about the adventures of the DE357, these broadcasts are an interesting window into the run up to the war cruise of the USS George E. Davis. The broadcasts you will hear are all brand new, for you have not heard them before. Unless you save them, you'll never hear them again...    


Date/Link  Time  Size   Comments
1939.08.28 14:49 7117KB CBS European War Crisis
1940.08.16 14:34 3496KB CBS Battle of Britain
1940.08.29 13:42 6584KB CBS The News from Europe
1941.12.07 29:16 7026KB World News Today
1942.12.20 24:17 5832KB World News Today
1943.10.24 24:05 5780KB World News Today
1943.12.26 24:41 5926KB World News Today
1944.08.13 24:54 5980KB World News Today
1944.08.27 24:54 5976KB World News Today
1944.09.03 25:35 6141KB World News Today
1944.09.10 25:14 6058KB World News Today
1944.09.24 25:32 6131KB World News Today
1944.10.01 25:30 6122KB World News Today
1944.10.15 25:04 6019KB World News Today
1944.10.22 25:22 6089KB World News Today
1944.10.29 25:01 6005KB World News Today
MP3 Audio    

All cuts are in MP3 format. Click a date to download and hear it on your player!
My gratitude and thanks goes to
Jerry Randall of Jacksonville, Florida, a 20 year Navy man, for his assistance with this project and space on his server for this collection!

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