U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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Neptune, God of the Deep
Pollywogs and Shellbacks

Of Shellbacks and Pollywogs Page 2

     "In the U.S. Navy, when a ship crosses the equator a time-honored ceremony takes place. This is a Navy tradition and an event no sailor ever forgets. With few exceptions, those who have been inducted into the "mysteries of the deep"
by Neptunus Rex and his Royal court, count the experience as a highlight of their naval career. Members of Neptunus Rex's party usually include Davy Jones, Neptune's first assistant, Her Highness Amphitrite, the Royal Scribe, the Royal Doctor, the Royal Dentist, the Royal Baby, the Royal Navigator, the Royal Chaplain, the Royal Judge, Attorneys, Barbers and other names that suit the party."  Excerpted from an article by John Muldowney USS J. R. Y. Blakely,
DE 140...
For the full article visit http://www.desausa.org/pollywog_to_shellback.htm .

The men of the George E. Davis had their own little wangdoodle upon the high seas. and nobody was excepted...not even the pollywog captain. There were enough Shellbacks available on the George E. to assist Neptune and his ministers, to induct the rest of the crew into the "mysteries." It boded well for the Mighty George E. as good luck followed her ever afterwards...  


Pictures Comments
Good King Neptune smiles upon a shipmate.
An audio description is now available. Click here: Audio , or visit the Morrison Collection Audio page!
The proper way to enter the ritual dunking Jacuzzi  is head down and heels up. This ensures proper coverage by the delicious liquid.
Another shipmate receives the tasty liquid refreshment which this time is administered orally. Perhaps someone will donate the recipe.
If you will look carefully, you will see a polywog receiving a haircut so as not to offend King Neptune.
Fate awaits us all, and especially upon the high seas when Good King Neptune calls.
One of good King Neptune's minions!
The ship's electric chair designed by EM/2c Morrison, who, by the way, was impervious to electrical shocks that would kill most men. He took his turn as a pollywog, but it only tickled. Not so the others, for he designed well.
He's smiling now... It won't last.
The men of the Mighty George E. were a hard, but good lot. Often at sea for long periods of time, never in safety, they took their pleasure where they could find it aboard ship. The ceremony of Neptunus Rex was a way to have a brief time out from deadly business. They were bonded even more closely after the ordeal.

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