U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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You know, it's not much more than a ratty looking, yellowed, long forgotten manuscript not numbering much more than two hundred copies. Further, it wasn't worth selling. They had to give it away. Yet, today, the price of this little slice of life aboard the George E Davis, DE-357 which was written at the close of hostilities in the Pacific can't be measured. It's a window into the lives of a group of men who were willingly placed in harm's way in defense of their country.
     The ITINERARIES OF THE GEORGE E. DAVIS, compiled and written by Lionel Lewbart RM3/C in the form of a ship's newsletter contains the war history of the Mighty George E. It was produced, evidently, about the same time the atomic bombs were flowering over Japan. Lewbart
saw to it that as many names of ship's personnel as possible were incorporated. One can only wonder if he had a sense of history when he was busy at his typewriter. And...what would he have thought if he had known that one day his words would be made available to the world over the Internet? Even Buck Rogers never thought of that...

A Peek and Glimpse Into The  World Of A War II Destroyer Escort
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Cover Find mentioned: Happy First Anniversary George. August 11, 1944 to August 11, 1945. Cover artist, Guerra, Basile J.
Inside Cover Find mentioned: To the wives, mothers, sweethearts who are waiting home patiently for their fighting men on the George E. Davis to return, we so dedicate this yearbook to them. Published and edited by BJ Guerra, Chief Radioman. Contributors: Lionel Lewbart, FI Lincoln, F Vance, BJ Gurrea, GA Pfister, AJ Barry, S. Brazell, WJ Gabrays, T Bowers, F Hanawalt, M Evans, ML Mitchell, J Hickey, E Tieri.
Page 1 Find mentioned: Lionel Lewbart, Lt. Modest, Orange, Texas, Galveston, Bermuda
Page 2 Find mentioned: Roger Slug, Onion Isle, Anchor Chain Corigilano, Boston, Charleston, Norfolk, "Sailors and Dogs Stay off grass" , Cristobal, Panama, Balboa, Galapagos, Equator, Pollywogs and Shellbacks
Page 3 Find mentioned: Galapagos, Shellbacks, Bora Bora, Society Islands, Bum Boat, New Herbides, Espirito Santos, Seat Stories, Hollandia, New Guinea, rain, Mail call, Leyte Gulf
Page 4 Find mentioned: Leyte, Garbage Run, Convoy Duty, Manus Island, Kossol Roads, Palaus, Japs, Phillipine Port, Mindoro, Subic Bay, Manila, Liberty
Page 5 Find mentioned: Club Temtation, Buy Bonds
Page 6 Find mentioned: Fredrick I. Lincoln, Fred Vance
Page 7 Find mentioned: Globe Trotter Theatre, George E....Truely a Queen Of The Seas
Page 8 Find mentioned: Electricians, G.A. Pfister, Allen, Kaste, Torgersen, Sisco, Chilcote
Page 9 Find mentioned: Laubach, Morrison, Crawford, A.J. Barry, Radar Girls, Cohen, Little Abe
Page 10 Find mentioned: Watertenders, Scott Brazell, Comissary (Galley Crew), Walter Gabrys
Page 11 Find mentioned: "Doc" Bowers, Lt. (JG) Hanawalt
Page 12 Find mentioned: Max Evans, Guerra, Johnson, Radio Girls, Jim Pendleton, Schriver
Page 13 Find mentioned: John R. Triplett Ed Pratt, Evans, Joe Latway, Lionel Lewbart, Jersey Bounce, Lenny French, New Joisy, Henry Treller
Page 14 Find mentioned: Engineers, Blackgang, M.L. Mitchell, Chief Robinson, Harry Hurd, Green, Steiner, Duff, McGill, Sadie, Moe, Hill, Rudy, Walker, Harris, Robie, Higbie, Stephens, Marinaro, Dunston, Swenson, Sisco, Petersen, Torpedo Gang, J. Hickey, Tin Fish, R.C. Poppe
Page 15 Find mentioned: A. L. Wyatt, Ray Hebert, Murry Pell, Johnny (Freckles) Hickey, Henry E. Klug, H.L. Schoor, P.M. Van Horn, D.J. Via, Soundmen, Ping Jockey, Tieri Som,
Page 16 Find mentioned: The poem of the Ping Jockey
Page 17 Find mentioned: First Atomic Bomb...60% of Iwo Shima wiped out, Moscow...Russians enter war against Japanese. End


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