U.S.S. George E. Davis DE-357 Destroyer Escort

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George E Davis DE-357 Memorial Website
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Dear Shipmate,

     This is Norman Morrison, the son of Norman Edgar Morrison, who served aboard the George E. Davis DE-357 during her first voyage in 1944. I was inducted as an honorary shipmate in 1992 at the Nashville Reunion as I stood in for my father, who had just recently passed away. Being allowed to be a part of this noble crew was one of the happiest moments of my life.
     This website will serve as a web testament to the brave and gallant crews of the George E. Davis. There are several ways you can help to preserve her memory...

  • Memorial Page:  Because of the generosity of the hosting provider, Millenium Systems, these pages should last indefinitely. However, there is a yearly "domain" charge that must be met. The domain name is the name of our website, namely, the DE357.com. The charge is $15 a year. For a year's donation to help us stay online, you will be eligible to honor a shipmate on our Memorial Page. If you can do it, and haven't done it, I'm plainly puzzled. Take responsibility. Be decisive. Follow through on your commitments. Be a real shipmate! Contact me. It's a good thing!

  • Corrections: Corrections are always appreciated! If you find an error please let me know at once!

  • Additional Information: If you have more information on a picture or text, please let me know so that I can add it to our website. No contribution is too small or large!

  • Collections: Our website, dear shipmate, is designed as a collection of collections. Add your own collection of pictures, text and information. Contact me and we'll decide how best to incorporate your collection online. It's a wonderful way to honor a family member or remembered relative.

  • Eligibility: The DE-357.com website is of and about the crews of the George E. Davis, DE-357. It is powered by the living shipmates and the descendants of those gone on to that shining harbor in the sky. If you have a contribution to make, I urge you to do so. Pictures, and even paper have a definite lifespan, and they are fading fast. If you haven't taken a look at yours lately, you will be shocked.  Please help before they are gone. It need not cost a thing more than some of your time. Contact me ASAP and let's see how we can work together to  preserve the memory of the gallant men of the DE-357. Write to  shipmate@de357.com .


Help Support YOUR ship with these MEDIA purchases!

  • I find we are limited for space onboard. No fussing, though. Thanks to the good folks at CIHost web hosting in Texas, we have this space donated.  I had planned on having larger format, higher resolution pictures to go along with all of  the lower res pictures you will find here.
         Since this is not possible, I have 2 CD's available with ALL pictures seen on this website in raw tif, high resolution, and internet quality pictures. I'll make both available for your minimum donation of $25 which goes to a year's domain fee and shipping. Our goal is to preserve the memory of the George E. Davis DE-357.

  • Our George E. Davis Video! (In Contents/Morrison Collection) View this exciting video online here. To have a DVD copy of your very own, we ask a minimum $40 donation. For this we'll ship not only the thrilling video but also the CD's of all the files and pictures as well. Your donation covers the duplication and mailing expense and will serve to extend the life of this website another 2 years! Will the website continue without your help? Yes...but it's only right that you participate. It's your history too in the balance! Are you allowed to send more than the minimum? Oh yes indeed!


  • Our site domain charges are paid through: 27-Sep-2013. You can help extend this with your donations, memorial, or CD purchase. The time until our website domain expires seems like a long time off, but it's not. It's your website too. Be a part of our preservation. 

  • To date special donations have been received from the Davis family, Harold Potler, and Stan Cohen. To you, our everlasting gratitude. The memory of the Mighty George E. lives on thanks to you!

Thanks to our friends at the USS Tabberer! Click picture to visit their site!


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Contact shipmate@de357.com